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Author Guidelines

Requirements for the design of the article

Manuscripts of articles submitted to the editorial board of the collection "Feed and feed production" must meet the requirements of the SCP of Ukraine for professional publications and the profile of the collection. A sample of the manuscript is attached.

The structure of the article.

  • UDC;
  • article title (capital letters, font - bold);
  • initials and surnames of the authors;
  • scientific degree;
  • contact email address;
  • name of the institution (s) where the author (s) work;
  • annotation in Ukrainian (1800-2000 characters, italics);
  • keywords (5-10 words, italics).

-  problem statement (introduction) - the current state of the scientific problem and its connection with important practical tasks (5-10 lines); analysis of the latest research and publications in which the solution of this problem and the connection of the authors work with them (1/3 page); selection of previously unsolved parts of the general problem to which the article is devoted.

- purpose and objectives of research.

- materials and research methods.

- results of research and discussion - presentation of the main material with a full justification of the obtained scientific results of own research (5-6 pages).

- conclusions from this study and prospects for their use in this direction.

- bibliography.   

In English - the title of the article, full name of the authors, degree, name of the institution (s), contact email address, abstract (1800-2000 characters), keywords, bibliography.

Article design. Manuscript materials are submitted in Ukrainian or English. Annotations in Ukrainian, English (1800-2000 characters) must have identical content. Annotation structure. Goal. Methods. Results. Conclusions. Keywords. The annotation must be present the main provisions of your scientific work, it is not allowed to copy sentences from sections of the article.

The volume of the article, including the list of used sources, tables, diagrams, annotations, etc., should not exceed 0.5 of the author's sheet (12 pages of A4 format). Prepare text files in the format of the editor WORD 97-2003, font Times New Roman, 14 point at 1.5 intervals; margins - top, bottom, left and right - 2 cm. Tables should be compact, with title and numbering. Notes to tables should be placed immediately below them. Illustrations (photographs and drawings) should provide a clear representation of all details, taking into account that they will be printed in black and white. Place the explanatory text in the subtexts to the figures.


The bibliographic list is formed in the order of citation according to DSTU 8302: 2015. The list contains the following information: surname and initials of the author, title of the article, title of the magazine or book and further - for periodicals: 1) year of publication; 2) volume; 3) the number of the periodical; 4) the first and last page; for non-periodicals - place of publication, name of the publisher, year of publication, total number of pages. In the text of the article references to the literature are indicated by an ordinal number in square brackets for example: [10], [4, p. 424]. All sources must be present on the Internet. DOI (if available) is a required element of the bibliography.

"Own" translation is not allowed, the titles of articles from periodicals must correspond to the English summaries published in publications with the language of the original publication in the translated edition. The names of publishers are given in transliteration, if the magazine is not translated - its name is also transliterated.

We pay special attention:

1) 50% of the bibliography must be published in the last 5 years (unless it is regulated by the terms of the submitted work);

2) no more than 5% of the bibliography - your publications;

3) sources without DOI indices - the minimum number;

4) it is inadmissible to refer to hyperlinks, abstracts of dissertations, monographs, materials of congresses and conferences, official materials (DSTU);

The editorial board carries out internal review of articles that are being prepared for publication, and analyzes the materials of external review (review by a supervisor, consultant or specialist on the problem under study). The editors reserve the right to edit and reduce (while maintaining the main conclusions and style of the author). Peer-review process.


The following should be submitted to the editorial office:

  1. Manuscript of the article in electronic form to the e-mail address Please name the file the surname of the first author of the article and indicate the year of submission, for example: Stolyar_ stattya _2020
  2. Information about the authors (application) (file name Stolyar_ zayavka): surname, name, patronymic (in full), academic degree, academic title, position and place of work, business address (with postal code), business and mobile phones, e-mail address of each author, code ORCID ID of each author. If the author is not registered in ORCID, you need to create an account by following the link .
  3. Scanned (photographed) payment receipt Stolyar_квитанція). The cost of the publication is UAH 50.0 for 1 page.


Sincerely, the editorial board of the collection "Feed and feed production".

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