Technological features of harvesting silage in mounds and sides

  • V. D. Khorishko Agro-Soyuz JSC
  • M. F. Kulik Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
  • V. P. Zhukov Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
  • T. O. Honchar Institute of Feed UAAS


The technological features of fodder harvesting in trenchless storages, in mounds and sides are presented, and the quality indicators of silage harvested in trenches, sides and Eurobags are given.


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Khorishko, V. D., Kulik, M. F., Zhukov, V. P., & Honchar, T. O. (1). Technological features of harvesting silage in mounds and sides. Feeds and Feed Production, (63), 158-162. Retrieved from

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