Increase of feed value of triticale grain during storage

  • L. P. Chornolata Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
  • S. M. Likhach
  • T. V. Horbachuk Institute of Feed and Agriculture of Podillya NAAS
Keywords: grain triticale, alkyl resorcinol, proteases, storage


The article presents the results of studying different ways of reducing antinutrients such as alkyl resorcinol in triticale grain, which improves its qualitative feed characteristics. It has been studied how the content of alkyl resorcinol changes during triticale grain storage for one, two, and three years.


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Chornolata, L. P., Likhach, S. M., & Horbachuk, T. V. (1). Increase of feed value of triticale grain during storage. Feeds and Feed Production, (85), 120-124. Retrieved from

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