Features of the organic production marketing in Ukraine

  • B. D. Kamenshchuk Candidate of Agricultural Sciences National Research Center "Institute of Agriculture NAAS"
Keywords: marketing, organic products, Ukraine, production, organic production market, forecast


The paper analyzes basic and critical points of marketing and market characteristics under the condition of organic production development in the territory of Ukraine. It presents the most important strategic and tactical marketing objectives in the production of organic products in Ukraine. The main means of marketing communication that reduce possible causes of failures in organic production in Ukraine are stated. Prerequisites for successful implementation of direct marketing programs at the enterprises that produce organic products are highlighted. The issues of using marketing tools by business entities to identify target consumers of organic products, demand levels, needs and peculiarities of behavior in the marketing environment of Ukraine are disclosed. Features of the organic production marketing in Ukraine are examined. A number of factors associated with the production of organic products in Ukraine are outlined.


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