Formation of valuable families as an important reserve for increasing milk productivity of the herd

  • A. P. Zayats Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
  • M. O. Mandryk
  • O. V. Bihas Institute of Feed Research and Agriculture of Podillya NAASU
  • V. P. Dmitrishin LLC LLC "Green Valley" AF PZ "Villa"
Keywords: Ukrainian red-and-white dairy breed, family, milk productivity, ancestor, ancestry, genetic potential


Researches aimed to assess the productive and breeding qualities of ancestors and their descendants were conducted in one of the top breeding plants of Vinnytsia region engaged in breeding Ukrainian red-and-white dairy breed – company "Green Valley" AF PZ "Vila". Studies have shown that such families as Nymph 1117, Osina1154, Pava 1217 and Music1107 appeared to be progressing and family Charodeika 1105 turned out to be stable by the resistance to the transmission of hereditary characteristics to granddaughters and great-granddaughters. By the share of the birth of one – or opposite-sex twins in the family for several generations family Music 1107 relates to a plus-variant type. Analysis of the results confirms the correctness of the chosen direction of selection and breeding work with the families of Ukrainian red-and-white dairy breed that contributes to the realization of the genetic potential of productivity and consolidation of the breed.


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