Influence of chemical mutagens on the trait variability of soybean plants

  • A. A. Babych Academician of NAAS
  • S. V. Ivanyuk Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
  • M. V. Vilgota Institute of Feed Research and Agriculture of Podillya NAASU
  • P. G. Dulnev Candidate of Chemical Sciences Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences
Keywords: soya, sort, habitus, morpho-anatomical features, exposition, mutagenesis, mutagens, mutants


Mutagenic characteristics of chemical agents are established as a result of researches, plants with morpho-biological modifications are revealed, they are recorded and reaction of the variety on the treatment by chemical agents is investigated.


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Babych, A. A., Ivanyuk, S. V., Vilgota, M. V., & Dulnev, P. G. (1). Influence of chemical mutagens on the trait variability of soybean plants. Feeds and Feed Production, (69), 55-59. Retrieved from

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